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Our Story

The word TRUST embodies our values on many levels. At its core, it’s about trusting in
a “holistic” education that drives a professional career towards three key outcomes:


  • Environments that flourish with healthy natural eco-systems

  • Social frameworks that are diverse, equitable and inclusive for all people

  • Governance that rests on inclusive, humanitarian and diverse stakeholder perspectives

Our goal is that ESG values are expressed worldwide in young people, regardless of
their means. To this end, Martini Education & Opportunity Trust (MEOT) puts “wind in
the sails” of people in two distinct spheres- professionals who lead change in
educational systems, and young people in the seats (or missing from the seats) of
classrooms and applied learning settings. We look for opportunities to support those
who find effective levers of change through a systems-view, and not through power and
privilege, but through an ability to collaborate and connect deeply by listening, empathy
and humility.


Brent Martini supported the founding of the Social Innovation Collaboratory at Fordham University in 2014. This space invited interdisciplinary students with shared values to actively engage in ideas and actions that addressed sustainability issues they most care about. We envision a continuation of this work today in an online “collaboratory” that facilitates same, and with no borders or boundaries.

On the post-secondary school level, in 2017 we partnered in a “launch year” (a.k.a. gap year) program created by Global Citizen Year. The brilliant impact of “holistic” education offered to recent high school graduates continues to deliver amazing results. 

On the systems level, we have been honored to support Ashoka U. Their extensive network brings us together with outstanding educators, non-profit and business leaders, and most of all, with young people inspired to change systems that are broken. We want to bring these applied learning opportunities to more of these young people, without regard to economic boundaries.


The Martini Education & Opportunity Trust (MEOT) was created in 2019 in partnership by Brent Martini and Carey Weiss, with Julie Mastrarrigo as Senior Design Partner. We are joined by six “Martini Fellows,” holistic-minded young professionals with active roles that reinforce business for good of society.

And in Summer 2020, we have the utmost privilege to be the founding sponsor of
the remarkable Nomadic Academy, a robust online educational platform created by a
company doing leading edge work. We are honored to join their team of 30 online
education, design and communication experts along with clients that include
corporations like IBM, PepsiCo, and Unilever to create a truly unique leadership
learning experience like none other.

We envision a future with a thriving natural ecosystem and a flourishing human
society free of injustices and inequities through more enlightened businesses doing ever more good, while doing well for their stakeholders. We hope you join us in this vision as
we invest in educational platforms and sponsor young people’s professional pathways
for design of a sustainable planet.

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