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Changemakers for environmental, social, and governance innovation

Our Mission

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Brent Martini founded the Martini Education and Opportunity Trust to provide holistic education opportunities to students and young business professionals as they lead the transformation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) structures worldwide. We put the "wind in the sails" of our fellows and collaborators in these  areas, currently: 

Green Water

Affordable and accessible financial services designed specifically for the unbanked and underbanked.

Financial Inclusion
Silk Sheet Transparent
Sustainable Fashion

Mindful design, manufacturing, and consumption of clothes & accessories that minimizes environmental degradation, social abuses of workers, and waste generation.

Dry Tree Trunk
Collaborative Leadership

A leadership practice that emphasizes transparency, building positive relationships,  deep listening, and empowering employees at all levels to do their best work.  

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Sustainable Development

Environments constructed to reflect conscious consumption through regenerative energy and natural resource use designs and user practices. 

Fluffy Clouds
Changemaker Education

A world where every student acquires the skills, confidence, and motivation to create change for the good of all. 

Wooden Architecture
Design for 

Intentional design for a more inclusive society where those with lived experience of exclusion are honored by those who support them as design allies.

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